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Our Committees

Education Committee - Acts as liaison to the Section Members and explores partnership opportunities in the School Systems and communities of both counties. Coordinates scholarship program with high schools in Rockdale County & Newton County.

Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Committee - 

Designed to put together a network that supports existing businesses of our members, as well as the community, and to educate our members in the areas of business development and retention.

Health Equity Committee - The Health Equity Committee focuses on Affordable Health Care, Breast Cancer, COVID-19, Maternal Health, Mental Health and HIV/AIDS. This committee works closely with Good Health WINs initiative.

Hospitality Committee - Coordinates refreshments, extends warm welcome to Members and visitors, recognizes achievements, illnesses, birthdays and bereavements of our members and their families, notifies the Corresponding Secretary so that these events will be shared with members.

Membership - The membership committee shall extend a warm welcome to guests and new members. Develops and implements membership activities to recruit, retain and reclaim members. Ensures that the Section meets all legal and organizational operating and reporting requirements. Coordinates annual membership drive and membership orientation.

Social Justice CommitteeThe National NCNW Social Justice Committee will provide a framework for local sections to promote civic engagement in our communities, and advance public policy that improves the conditions of women and families of African descent. Principles of Social Justice:

· Access to Resources – Healthcare, food, housing, education recreation

· Equity- Ensure fair and impartial access for all

· Participation – Increase visibility and civic engagement

· Diversity – Ensure representation of women of African descent in all segments of society

· Human Rights – Civic, political, economic, cultural, legal


Technology and Communications Committee - Creates, updates and manages the Section’s website, social media accounts, electronic communications and printed materials, etc.

Political Action Committee - Provides the Section with information and education on the political process that impacts our community as well as involves participation from members on issues of the Section/community concerns including the coordinating of voter registration drives and educational awareness.


Young Ladies of Excellence (YLOE) Committee - 

Designed to develop programs and services through the Section to promote individual growth and provide practical support to our young membership (ages 12-18)

Ways and Means Committee - Responsible for fundraising activities to support the projects/programs of the Section.

Budget and Finance Committee (Appointed by President)

It shall be the responsibility of the committee, in collaboration with the President and Executive Board for submitting a budget, to devise ways and means of meeting the budget. The committee consults with the auditor and reports the annual audit to the Executive Committee.

Bylaws Committee (Appointed by President)

The Bylaws Committee consists of five (5) designees appointed by the President and elected officers to uphold policies of the Section and National. This Committee shall receive the proposed amendments submitted by the Members for review and present to the General Body for consensus.

Nominating Committee (Elected by General Body) 

The Nominating Committee is designed to secure nominations for elected officers and ensure that all candidates for the elected office meet the minimum requirements for election contained in the Bylaws. This committee shall consist of five (5) Members who are financial and elected by the membership. Members of the Nominating Committee serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms. The chair of the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President from the individuals elected to the Committee. The Committee shall submit a slate of officers consisting of at least one name for each office to be elected. No name may be placed in nomination without the consent of the nominee. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be made at a designated General Meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. No person may be a candidate unless in good standing in the Section.

Election Committee (Elected by General Body)

The Election Committee shall consist of five (5) members elected by the General Body. No candidate for office shall be eligible to serve on the Election Committee. The duties of the committee shall be to prepare the ballots, supervise elections, check the credentials of voting members, count the ballots, and report the results to the General Body. Voting shall be by ballot and conducted in accordance with regulations formulated by the Executive Board. A majority shall elect. In the event there is but one nominee for any office, the vote for that office may be taken by voice vote. The Committee shall set the place, time, and requirements for voting.


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