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We Are NCNW!


Welcome to the Rockdale-Newton Section

of the

National Council of Negro Woman, Inc.

The National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) was founded in 1935 by Mary McLeod Bethune, an educator and advocate for women of African descent in support of their families and communities. Her third successor, Dorothy I. Height, lead the NCNW for 40 years and was most known for bringing young college graduates into the organization.

Bethune’s vision that she made public in 1929—was revealed in an announcement of plans to create a Black women’s organization---a superorganization which would act as a cohesive umbrella for women’s groups already in existence. This organization would be “a medium”…., as quoted in the New York Age article, “through which women may make such progress as would be possible for any national organization working alone.”

Today, NCNW proudly boasts of 240 Sections and a worldwide membership of over 4 million through 39 national affiliate organizations. NCNW is the premier African American membership organization for women and the only organization that focuses on how we, as African American women, can harness our power and potential to improve our own quality of life, help our African American community and aid our sisters in Africa

Our Method

NCNW translates its philosophy of public education, community service and advocacy into activities designed to promote a number of benefits for our constituents including:
  • Disseminating information about issues affecting African American women and their families
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviors through wellness projects
  • Sponsoring events such as The Black Family Reunion Celebration to build on our strengths and traditional values
  • Training and supporting women and youth in career development and community leadership
  • Supporting economic development and entrepreneurship
  • Providing mentoring and educational support to our young people